TheLuckiestChick turns into a 新娘秘書 in Taipei!

Monday, May 11, 2015

OMG! I'm so excited! I'm in Taiwan for one month in May for a Make Up Artist course!!!

It's just something I've thought of doing for the longest time, but previously due to work.. stress.. well, life happened and my wants and my plans was just constantly being pushed back, and last year when I did our wedding photo shoot in Taichung and my 新娘秘書 (so cute right, i don't know why they call MUAs 新娘秘書 in Taiwan) really impressed the HECK out of me.

I really love the makeup style and the airy gorgeous hairstyles that she did for me, we did the photo shoot in July, right smack in the SUMMER i was literally a hot sweaty gross mess and my 新娘秘書 managed to clean me up SO WELL, in the melting heat outdoors with her magic hands she managed to change my hairdo into a gorgeous fluffy airy look, it was like freaking MAGIC to me. So I thought if i'm going to learn, I want to learn from them so I can learn the techniques and skills that I was so impressed with and bring that skills right back with me to Singapore. 

I also want ze magic hands!!! (:

At the same time I was feeling kinda scared before i came here. Hahaha it's gonna be the first time I'll be alone in another country for an entire month! I think I used to be really independent and will not be fazed by such a thing in a past, it's just been less than 6 months since we got married and spending so much time together, I'm grown to be so super sticky with Leon!

Massive clouds kinda day! 

My airfare was $240 which is considered on the cheap side since i remember even when we fly on budget air previously it was like almost $500 per person every time. But the thing is, literally one day ago Leon and I took advantage of the Easter promotion and booked a short trip to Taipei for 20-24th April and it was $240 for the BOTH OF US!

The day after I confirmed my attendance at the school in Taipei and booked my air ticket, i could hardly sleep because i was so excited + scared + CRAZY! I slept at 4am and woke up at 8am and started apartment hunting, because i was so scared that i can't find a place at a decent price and I would have to settle and live in a crappy, shitty apartment. 

I didn't want to live in a hotel either because I guess I hope to make some friends when I'm there if not i'll be so alone! (I know a bunch of Leon's concert touring Taiwanese friends but I'm not exactly friends, friends with them right?) And i didn't want to live in a typical hostel although that's probably the easiest way to meet people and make friends but i just can't handle the hostel type accommodation? I need my space too! And what about my belongings hahah I have a million things I need on a daily basis.

I feel like I really 找到宝 for my accommodation! 

I'll be staying at this 2 apartments which is 3 mins away from ZhongXiaoFuXing station and just 15 mins away from my school, of course to stay for an extended period it's still quite costly but for short stays I think it's a freaking steal la! And although it's totally en-suite, there's still a common area for people to read and chat so i might meet people and make friends that way too? (hopefully? haha) And it looks pretty darn sweet to me! I like that it's very bright and has lots of natural light. (:

So many shitty Ximending hotels charging like $90-$130 for a WINDOWLESS room these days 不值得! Feels so claustrophobic not being able to have sunlight streaming in anytime of the day, sadly it seems like the hotels in Taiwan is not thaaaat cheap anymore, I remember before we can always find really good accomodation at a small scale hotel/inn in Ximending for like $50 a night!

So far.. my classes have been SUPER FUN! it's my first time doing any sort of hairstyles so it was a refreshing change for me learning something so so so new and I'm really enjoying and having fun while learning the braid techniques and hairdos.

I've been enjoying looooots of great food just nearby my apartment that I'm staying at-

First meal in Taiwan: 红烧牛肉面! shiok shiok shiok! 
The beef is so so tender and full of flavor!!!

Delicious matcha waffle to nibble! 
 Isn't that Unicorn/Rainbow/Lightning bolt pouch the cutest?!

Lunching at Muji Cafe! Seriously i love the food so much! How can simple food be so perfect? Everything is wonderful about this meal, even the yuzu drink is freaking refreshing and really good.

So far I've met my reader Seow Ting here and we hung out for a day last week and I really had epic fun! If you're coming to Taiwan this month let me know, I'd love to meet more people here!
So excited that Felicia & Shirley is coming over to taiwan in 2 weeks to play with me hehe! :D
I'm kinda in a bad situation right now because my new iphone6 is soaked in rainwater and is totally busted now and I've just left it at the handphone repair shop and i really hope it will be alright, if not i'm dooooomed!

More updates soon.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.